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Hornet is the brand name of models
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General stuff:

Hornet products are unpainted and unassembled scale models intended for hobbyists. They contain small parts, and may cause harm if ingested. These kits are not suitable for small children, and are not recommended for anyone under 14 years old.

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Wolf Models:

The name of this site will remain unchanged because it is printed on all the packaging, but I no longer produce Wolf models. Most remaining Wolf stock is with Historex Agents, but other retailers will also have stock. The Hornet range will continue as before, and several new headsets are in the pipeline.

Personal stuff:

This site is now primarily an on-line catalogue, and I no longer accept credit or debit cards. The authentic address for Email is hornetandwolf@hotmail.com - but please explore this website before Emailing any questions. Most of the queries I get are already answered somewhere on the website!

Not just pretty faces!

We sell plenty of Hornet heads (even the ugly ones), but the big range of Hornet figurines in the military 1:35 range and the Wild West 1:32 series are sometimes forgotten. Please take time to browse the other sections on this site. The images are old and a bit small and blurry by today’s standards, but the quality of the products remains good.

Metal Mettle:

Nearly all the Hornet figurines are cast in metal. True, metal is harder to shape and alter, but the reproduction is as good as resin and in some ways superior. I know. I sculpted them.

Mellow Yellow:

A few models are in an earlier yellow resin instead of the usual grey. The colour was changed temporarily for supply reasons and the quality is the same. The yellow resin is a similar colour to the Hornet packs, and has the usual Hornet matt surface. (Pirated versions often have a ‘milky’ or oily look. These should be avoided).

Buyer Beware:

Beware of scams used by the many ‘pirate’ copyists, who are causing real manufacturers many problems. Pirates will often use pictures of the genuine product, sometimes even downloading them from their victim’s own website, but will actually sell knocked off inferior copies. At least one pirate says his product is genuine, but claims that somehow all the packaging has been lost or damaged. For more snarls about piracy click on the ‘piracy’ link above.

Roger Saunders, August 2012