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The Alexander Technique teaches you how to respond and adapt your posture sensitively to support the added weight and changes in your body’s structure.  
Back pain is prevalent in the later stages of pregnancy.  This is because as the weight grows in front the common tendency is to lean back and pull the pelvis forward arching the lumbar spine.  An attempt to come into balance by pulling the head forward adds to the problem by causing neck pain.  It is common to slump whilst sitting which adds to back pain.

Alexander Technique lessons can teach you how to find a more comfortable posture during pregnancy, lengthening the spine and allowing the back muscles to give support.  You are taught how to lie down and sleep with ease whilst retaining a lengthened spine and how to bend and squat whilst strengthening the muscles of the back and legs. The AT sensitive approach assists in the process of labour and birth preventing unnecessary  pain and guiding the process. The Alexander Technique not only supports you physically but emotionally throughout the whole process of pregnancy and giving birth. 

Post-Natal Care

After the birth it can be helpful to continue AT lessons as feeding and lifting your baby often results in the common habit of slumping or hunching your body resulting in neck and shoulder pain.  Lessons are a great aid in helping to maintain the strength of the back and in doing so the abdominal muscles are naturally toned and the pelvic floor lifted. 

It is helpful to continue with Alexander Technique lessons after the birth to help your body to readjust to weight loss, regain your natural shape and improve your muscle tone.  Caring for your baby, feeding, lifting and carrying often results in the common habit of slumping and pulling down towards the baby causing neck and shoulder pains.   

Remember Body Rest is a wonderful tonic for the whole body.  It can be practised at the beginning of your pregnancy and after childbirth.  It relaxes you and allows the spine to realign, regaining its natural shape and length.

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